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Davidon, Inc is located in Dooly County Georgia and of the 104,000 planted acres in the county, 83,000 acres are in cotton and 16,000 acres are in peanuts. Historically, Dooly county leads the state in cotton acres and cotton production. Over 60% of total land area in the county is Class 1 and Class 2 prime farm land and just about everything and everyone in the county is touched by the agricultural industry in one way or the other.

David Chancy, local aerial applicator and owner of A & C Ag Aviation, Inc., has been flying over thousands of these acres in Dooly and surrounding counties since 1966. If anyone knows the ins and outs of aerial application, it's him and when the need arose in the aerial application field, for a good, dependable rotary atomizer that could be adapted easily for different types of aircraft and for a great drift retardant product Chancy rose to the challenge and created Davidon, Inc.

Since 1992, Davidon, Inc has manufactured hundreds and hundreds of Hi-Tek Rotary atomizers. The Hi-Tek nozzle has become an industry standard, by which other rotory atomizers are judged.

As the need for a superior drift retardant became more apparent, DRP-955 Drift Retardant and Penetrator was ready to help the grower and aerial applicator with their ever increasing liability in the spraying of chemicals. DRP-955 stabilizes droplet sizes to reduce driftable fines, which carries more of the product to the intended target, which translates into less drift and more profit.

Upon realizing that Davidon, Inc. was in touch with the needs of the grower and applicator, potential customers began asking for other types of nozzles to fit their particular needs. The Tri-Set nozzle is a product developed per customer’s requests. It is especially easy to use, with three standard settings, but upon special request the nozzle settings may be customized.

We are a hometown company, owned and operated by hometown people, who believe in giving the customer a good, dependable, and affordable product backed by good old fashioned service.

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