Custom Boom Systems


Full Thread Taps are one of the Key Features With DAVIDON Booms

                                             Attachment to T-Boom is accomplished via Short Hose connection which dampens vibration and makes removing and installing much easier.
Here at Davidon we believe that each aerial applicator is unique in how they operate and also has different needs, especially when it comes to boom configurations.  That is why we have developed a custom boom service to better meet the customer's needs.

Here's how we do it:

  • More material on the back side of the boom giving you more threads for an 1/8 inch nipple
  • A reinforced, stronger overall boom which allows for placement of the atomizer or nozzle on the top, bottom or rear
  • We can make any configuration with any length, number of atomizers or nozzles and spacing
  • Better fit on the ends of the boom

Call us with all of your boom needs at 229-645-3605.

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