Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer


Machine body and seals are made of Actal

Uses two 24,000 RPM rated shielded bearings

Shaft and other metal parts are made of stainless steel

Normal Operation speed is 6,000 RPM

Maximum flow rate of each nozzle is 4 gallons per minute

• Standard screens are 10, 15, and 20 mesh sizes available with special order

Low maintenance nozzles lubricate with "00" grease every 40-50 hours

• Produces uniform droplet sizes of 300-325 microns with very low percentage of fines(Less than 100 microns. This produces uniform coverage

• A long lasting, very durable nozzle, Some in service with over 2,000 hours

• The nozzles produce very low drag

• Mounting kits allow quick and easy adjustment to different volumes of spray per acre

• Limited warranty after one year. Nozzle can be rebuilt. Call for estimate

• One year warranty voided only if used without grease

Time tested and performance proven, the Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer could be considered the industry standard for rotary nozzles. Sales of the Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer since its introduction have demonstrated this to be true volumes of testimonials from satisfied customers support this statement. The unique design of the nozzle produces a very uniform droplet spectrum which reduces fines andsubsequently unwanted drift.

The Hi-Tek rotary nozzle produces less drift than other rotary and hydraulic nozzles on the market today due to a very low droplet spectrum variance with an average droplet size of 300 microns.  A 40 micron nozzle for mosquito spraying is also available.  Because of the droplet uniformity, lower spray volumes can be used and still maintain superior coverage. Nozzle drag is not noticeable in the performance of the aircraft. Manufactured from space age plastics and stainless steel produces a highly dependable, long life, and low maintenance nozzle. The number of nozzles and spacing have been carefully researched for each type of aircraft.

Davidon, Inc. has recently made a great spray atomizer even better by now offering its third generation of the Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer to the cropdusting public and it has some new features that are sure to grab your attention and make you more money.

Six Bladed Turbine Fan
A three bladed prop has been replaced by a more reliable six bladed turbine fan.  This new design will eliminate vibration, while doing away with prop breakage and ulimately will give ag pilots more constant RPM.

Aluminum Front Housing
This design change eliminates cracking that might have been associated with the old plastic style.  A new grease seal is located on the shaft which keeps the grease on the front and rear bearings located within the aluminum housing.  This seal will also keep outside liquids outside where they belong.

Improved Aerodynamics for Less Drag
The combination of the new six bladed turbine fan and the aluminum front housing gives the new Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer better overall aerodynamics which means better efficiency and less drag than most atomizers on the market today.

Rotary Atomizer Exchange and Preventative Maintenance Programs
Davidon, Inc. is now offering an exchange program to current Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer customers who have the old style and that are interested in being outfitted with the latest and greatest.  This new style comes with a full 1-Year Warranty and now customers can send them back at the end of the warranty for a complete Preventative Maintenance inspection and replacement of necessary parts with a new 1-Year Warranty. 


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